"Cassandra can see the future with 100% accuracy . . . for everybody except herself"


3 stars ☆☆☆

Contemporary romance


This book takes place in Dublin, Ireland where you follow this women name Cassandra who can tell people future since she was little. She works at a magazine company called Tattle where basically women or men write to her and she gets these "flashes" of there future and she write them back and some of them get publish. In the story she has 3 best friends all single. Marc with a C, Jo, & Charlene and they all know about her amazing psychic abilities. Her friend Charlene get her the opportunity to go on TV to do what she does best. But she gets a flash about the producer of the TV show named Jack and how they are going to be spending there lives together. But when she is around him her psychic abilities don't work. 


This book is a pretty easy,funny read. I did enjoy seeing Cassandra visions and how she really tried to help people that needed it, one particular part when she helps the ghost of a little boy which was a very well written part of the book.Cassandra personality was very funny the things she would think and say would have me laughing out loud. I could relate to her character in different levels, she really was a humble person who just wanted everyone to be happy. I also like in the beginning of each chapter was a tator card with some description of what it means and that really got my interest.

What I felt lacked in this book was romance. I feel that we didn't get enough connection and romance been Cassandra and Jack. It's like she had the flash about him and all of a sudden she likes him but through our the book she barely talks to him or see him until like the last 50 pages of the book. I wish we could of seen more Cassandra and Jack time.

The 3 best friends see very stereotypical such as Marc with a C was a guy gym trainer, and Jo was the tomboy best friend, and Charlene was the rich spoiled friend. And the way they all spoke and acted contrast to those characteristic which didn't really show them as unique characters besides Cassandra. 

I also felt like through out this whole book the attention was mostly on the friend Charlene, seem like every chapter was about her and the focus wasn't really on Cassandra which really got annoying at one point because I wanted to see where Cassandra love life was going not really all of her friends.


This book did have some rough parts but overall it was a quick funny read.


Thanks for reading!♡