FINDING DANDELION, the second book in the Dearest series, is a stand-alone . This novel New Adult romance is recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.


Goodreads summary: When soccer all-star Jax Avery collides with Dani Hart on his twenty-first birthday, their connection is instantaneous and explosive. For the first time in years, Jax isn’t interested in his usual hit-it and quit-it approach.

But Dani knows better. Allowing herself a night to be carefree and feel the intensity of their attraction won’t change anything when it comes to dealing with a player. So when Jax doesn’t recognize Dani the next time he sees her, it shouldn’t be a total shock. The fact that he’s her new roommate's brother? That’s a shock.

Dani doesn’t regret that night with Jax, just the need to lie about it. Since her roommate has made it clear what she thinks about her brother’s “type” of girl, the last thing Dani wants is to admit what happened.

Jax knows he’s walking a fine line on the soccer team. One more misstep and he’s off the roster, his plans to go pro be damned. Except he can’t seem to care. About anything… except for the one girl who keeps invading his dreams.

Despite Jax’s fuzzy memory of his hot hookup with his sister’s friend, he can’t stay away from her, even if it means breaking his own rules. But there are bigger forces at work–realities that can end Dani’s college career and lies that can tear them apart.

Jax realizes what he’s losing if Dani walks away, but will he sacrifice his future to be with her? And will she let him if he does?


5 stars☆☆☆☆☆

New Adult 18+



O M G!

I absolutely love Lex Martin books I can not get enough.

Finding Dandelion is so far my favorite of the Dearest series.

This book had me laughing,crying, upset(in many occasions), and left me feeling happy.


You do not need to read the first book Dearest Clementine to read Finding Dandelion because both are stand alones, but its more easier and FUN to read Dearest Clementine first then Finding Dandelion because there could be spoilers in Finding Dandelion that involves Clementines story. You are introduced to most all of the old characters from Dearest Clementine but also get introduced to many new great characters in Finding Dandelion such as Travis (Dani best friend), Hannah and Chloe (Jax neighbors) and others and that leads me to what i loved most about Finding Dandelion.


What I loved most about Finding Dandelion was how in the beginning sections of the books you get events that happened in Dearest Clementine but in Jax and Dani side. It was nice to sorta reflect back to DC and see what Jax and Dani were doing at those same moments. Another thing I enjoyed about Lex Martin writing in Finding Dandelion was how well the writing flowed, nothing felt rushed, and every moment and scene had its purpose. Not many New Adult romance book have these qualities, they usually just let the love interest meet one another then things turn into "insta-love" and it just all feels unnatural and unrealistic. But Lex Martin really let the romance and situations have it's own flow which made it very easy for a reader to just enjoy the story and feel every single emotion that the book intends to have.


Another thing that I enjoyed about Lex Martin writing was how well the character development was throughout the story, and Im going to talk specifically about Jax and Dani.

To start off I'm going to talk about Mr. Jax Avery. Now some may say his frat rich boy lifestyle and characters are off putting and can result in seeing Jax as being a major MAJOR butthole. But lets face it ladies, we still fell in love with him at one point of the book. I feel that Lex Martin intended to show Jax as this asshole because of his backstory and of the transformation he begins to do in his life because of what he went through and still goes through. Everyone has a past and I feel that Jax history connects well with his personality and we as reader can understand in some level the way Jax is the way he is because of his past, and even through all that we get to see his caring, and loving side that I for one could not help to swoon over and completely forgive him for all of his stupid actions. I want to be Dani.....I can only wish.


Now Danielle "Dani" Hart was a girl that I could really see myself connecting with completely and fully. I loved right from the start of the book you can see how she is already trying to work on herself and find who she really is, and being in college is what that is really about and I connected with her 100%. Dani really seems like a caring, understanding person, she would fight for the one's she loved such as her mom, and her friends. I admired the way she wasn't selfish and wasn't vain, she was just like any other college student trying to find whats right for them, what they deserve, and how they can still be with the ones they love. Dani was absolutely someone I cheered on throughout the whole story, I agreed with every action and thought she had. Lex Martin did such a fabulous job with developing Dani, showing how if she takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back she still tries her best to move forward. No.. Dani isn't perfect she has her confusion, and doubts like any other person but I feel like she really grew as a person from the experiences she went through.


Everything about the book I loved, the emotions, the actions, the ups and downs I feel were perfect and memorable. THE ENDING WAS EVERYTHING AND MORE!!!

I honestly can not wait for Lex Martin next book!!!!

Finding Dandelion and Dearest Clementine are a MUST READ!!!


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Thank you for reading!