What If a "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" Could Happen TWICE?


5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

New Adult 18+

Contemporary romance

Was not expecting this story to be so jaw dropping, exciting, sad and happy all at once. This wonderful story is about a girl named Dahlia London who basically just starts off the story talking about her parents and how that specific day (which was Halloween) is not her favorite day at all, then she continue on talking about her boyfriend Ben. Most part of this beginning is just showing how her relationship with the people in her life are. That same night she meets a very handsome and charming man River Wilde ( who later on becomes the famous lead singer in his band The Wilde Ones) but after that life changing, love at first sight connection with River tragedy suddenly strikes Dahlia life and everything just seems to go down hill. Everything that happened doesn't connect and just puts Dahlia in a very depressed state. From some sort of fate River and Dahlia meet back together a couple years later and the story just takes off from there. River and Dahlia love is something special and you can tell right from when they first met that they are meant for each other because their connection (hence the title) is just something all women would love. River is just a dreamboat, I was just swooning over him through-out this whole book, he made me smile ear to ear just by the way he shows so much compassion and love for Dahlia. I admire how he is basically her superman, he brings her back up when she needed it most and everything about their love is just so amazing you just want to scream KISS! sometimes because you can just feel the love coming off the pages.


Things I loved:


  • It was a fast easy paced read.
  • Each chapter has different songs that Kim Karr generously provided so you can listen to each song while you read to set the mood of each event.
  • The love making scenes ;) Its was so ppassionate and HOT!


Things I Disliked:




My feelings were all over the place with this book and I literally could not put this book down! Besides going to bed ofcourse. Every single page had my full attention. I have so many questions though! This book left me blinking making sure I read the correct words because the twist is just BIG. Through-out the story you can tell something is off between certain characters but Kim Karr does a great job covering it up and not making it obvious. I highly recommend this book and i'm sure the entire series is even more fantastic I cant wait to get the sequel. I need to know what happens because I'm in complete shock! I loved it. Pick this book up RIGHT NOW!


Thank you for reading ♡