Today I woke up , nothing necessarily planned, wanting to just get out the house and go to a nice,relaxing public place.What better place to go to then the Library! :)

Being a book lover i’m always reading whenever I find a good book. There is a Library right down the block from my house and the doodoo head that I am I never went to the library to check out books to read I always bought my books. Just the feeling of owning the books is a amazing feeling but that's a different topic i'll have to talk about sometime. haha


WELL today I woke up realizing why am I not going to the Library to read?! So when I woke up this morning I got dressed and took the walk to the Library.I went to the young adult section (my favorite genre of books), looked around,found a decent book and sat on a nice comfy couch off in the back of the building .

Opening the book, putting my feet up and zoning out into the teen fiction melo-dramatic fantasy world was the best feeling I had felt in awhile.

I completely just flipped page after page with no distractions or disturbance I read the whole entire book in a few hours. It felt good :)

After I finished I realized that in that moment I felt happy. I discovered that the little corner on that cozy, squishy, green couch was my safeplace.

Books and novels really can put you in awhole new place for a little while. And being an inspiring novelist someday I really enjoyed that time surrouned by books. Full of different characters, adventures, and relationships . I felt comfortable and happy.


Now I really plan on going back to the Library more often during the arriving weeks to have some alone time and a peaceful time with all the fascinating books around me.