For some odd reason I always have dreams where I can teleport to one place to another I don't know why but I just seem to do. I think I should Google that later.

Anyways... in these dreams I either have like this travel pad were I have to set the pad down, step on it and then all this crazy magic stuff happens and I'm somewhere else. Or its a screen (like a TV screen) making wave like movement were I have to say certain words and then I'm able to jump through the screen into another place. For some odd reason I always teleport into a nightmare :( This is what freaks me out.

I would be carrying this cool teleporting gadget, something in probably 2025 we will all have, that I should be using to travel the world or go back in time to experience history or something cool like that but in my dreams I'm always running away from some scary killer and teleporting myself into a different place and ending up in a horror scene. 

Now, knowing the brave person that I am normally I always try and save people in the dream. For instance, finding kidnapped children in a hidden creepy cellar, and then teleporting them into a safe place.


But at the very end of my dream when I saved everyone and I just need to get back safely; its either, my gadgets stops working or I'm lost. That's when it starts to get really scary because I just saved all the people from the killer and then I get stuck and can't get away, which unfortunately ends up as me getting killed.


I know bummer right?!


When I have weird dreams like this one I imagine it turning into a book and how amazing it would be. I always write down my dreams so I could get some inspiration when I'm stuck on a scene or plot.


If you had any cool, weird, adventurous dreams comment below I would love to read it. :)


Thanks for reading