5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

Young Adult


Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me

This series is defiently on my top 5 favorite book series list.

In this series you meet a girl named Juliette for no explainable reason her skin and body is dangerous, if you touch her or be touched by her you will die. Having a tragic incident with a small boy that cost his life Juliette self esteem, confident is no where to be found leaving her vulnerable to everyone around her. The Reestablishment locked her up for murder. She is dangerous to society and a danger to herself. Juliette is locked away and Section 45 seem to be crumpling and so many people seem to be dying and the people solution is to start a war. The Reestablishment decides they can use Juliette in a ime of war. Now Juliette has a choice to either help them or fight against them.


This series takes you on a trip through Juliette journey of how she tackles the obstacles the Reestablishments puts in her way, you meet others who come to help her when she needs some strength in believing in her power and there's a love story hidden somewhere too! ;) I really enjoyed this series because you can she from every single book in the series how Juliette develops into a strong powerful women and truth be told she inspired me in a way to always feel powerful and to believe in yourself. For me this series is so different from other heroic females characters in other novels because her character really underestimates what she can do, and what she discovers is truly unbelievable. 3 things I loved mo

st was first that even though there is some depressing side of the book there was humor that kept the book alive and in a good balance so the reader doesn't feel like crap after reading it (props to Tahereh Mafi). Second the love story in this book is unexpected,passionate and truly breath taking. You can tell Juliette and the significant other has a connection that wont be broken. and Thirdly, The writing style was so deep, powerful, and beautiful that you can feel so much hurt and emotion from Juliette and I though Tahereh Mafi really expresses Juliette feeling so realistically and I'm sure so many teens could related to Juliette in some sort of level through out Juliette journey. I highly recommend this series and you to could possible feel the inspiration as I did while reading it.