Destroy Me & Fracture Me is part of the novella to the Shatter Me, it is the combination of both novellas Destroy Me #1.5 (Warner perspective) and Fracture Me #2.5 (Adam perspective). I personally did not want to buy both Destroy Me and Fracture Me so when I seen Unite Me had both stories plus a bonus of Juliette journal I could not resist. I will go about this talking about Warner perspective, then Adam perspective, and then the whole novellas in general. 


Warner perspective:

I loved, loved, loved, loved Warner story. The story starts off right when Juliette escapes and Warner is shot and wounded.I think I loved Warner story because you get to see the reason why Warner does what he does, you get to see why he loves Juilette so much,and you see how he is a good guy. For me Warner shows more of a vurenable side of him and how EVIL his father is. You kinda just fall more in love with Warner just seeing how much he has been through and at the same time you see yourself rooting for him to find Juliette (oddly enough) lol Over all I enjoyed Warner perspective soo much.


Adam's Perspective:

Adam story begins when the The Establishment and the Omega Point are about to go head to head. I did not enjoy Adam's story as much as I was hoping because I feel he was so worried and thinking about Juliette so much being alittle whiny when basically all war is going to break out.I feel like alot of information from the series was already said but in Adam's viewpoint. I just did not like it much because his character just seemed sorta bland and not that interesting after awhile. But it was still good to get Adams viewpoint on the whole situation. 


Im happy we got to see viewpoints in other characters. But what I disliked was that both stories were so short! I feel like it ended so fast even though I already knew what was going to happen ha ha . And secondly I dislike how we do not have a novella for Kenji! Let me just say I have a crush on Mr. Kenji he kept this book on the bright side when it needed it most. 


Thanks for reading!