Hey everyone!

So I found this picture and I thought it sounded like a fun interesting thing to do, to not see the covers and only read the descriptions. Personally I look at book covers and if I like it I will read the description and so on but if I dont like the cover I wouldn't even end up picking it up and I know many people that do this. I feel that "judging a book by its cover" could be a opportunity missed. We could have passed on a amazing story that could of changed our lifes but we didnt pick it up because of the front cover. It could be the publisher fault or just our missed judgement on what the story is about. But unless we pick up the book and read the inside we would never know. I'm going to start a vow to myself that I will read as many descriptions as I see liked and not worry about what the cover is. I feel that I will be exposed to so many great stories and that always makes me happy.


Thanks for reading