Five stars ☆☆☆☆☆

Young Adult


Since Page 1 this book has kept me sucked in, from the exciting, jazzy life of the teens in the 1920's to the very scary and thrilling scenes of Naughty John. I enjoyed this book so much I could not put it down, Libba Bray writing was so fascinating and unique I can not wait for the sequel for this book! What I think kept me sucked into the book was that when the story was suppose to be scary it fit perfectly and when I needed something funny or romantic it fit in perfectly as well. What I feel are the cons of this story is that their are parts where the surroundings and scenere are deeply explained in detail and I understand how that is important especially since its the first book but at times I caught myself just skimming over the parts where a place or object is being explain to deeply. But for me it wasn't a big problem were it kept me for reading. I love how all the characters connect to one another in some sort of way even though the characters dont know it. There is so many questions that need to be answered and there was some good surprises stuff inside as well.  Over all this book made me fall in love with Libba Bray books and Im so excited for the sequel Lair of Dreams