5 stars☆☆☆☆☆

New Adult 18+

Contemporary romance

In Mended (book 3 of the Connected series) the story shows us the life of Xander Wilde and Ivy Taylor. The love story with a past. Mended made me adore this series so much more!

These characters and this world is so captivating I never wanted it to stop. Other characters from the previous books are present and involved in the story as well and you get a peek at how the other characters are doing to. Kim Karr blends the life's of each character so well and you get to see the connection each character have with one another. Not only is the romance addictive as always but the drama and the tragedies are even more addictive. What I like most was that Kim Karr didn't put as much sex scene in this book and spot lighted the big plot and picture of Xander and Ivy life,past and present. This story really did show the value of family and love.Mended ripped my heart in so many pieces and I feel that it is the most powerful and most emotional book of the series so far. Not only were there so many twist and turns that got me completely off guard, but it definitely made me want to be apart of that world because the love and support the characters have are something everyone wants in life. A complete 5 stars for Mended and I can't wait to get the next book!