4.5 Stars ☆☆☆☆


The circus arrives without warning but only appears at night. It's called Le Cirque Des Reves and behind the scenes is a fierce competition that nobody seems to really understand. Celia Bowen and Marco are trained from there instructor but only one can be left standing at the end. Celia and Marco end up in love causing problems and danger throughout the circus and the competition. Who will survive?

This book really took me on a journey and It really haunted and enchanted me.

I gave this book 4.5 instead of 5 for some personal reason but I'll go into what I liked most from this novel. 


I really enjoyed how the story developed in showing Celia And Marco life from being trained young to being in the circus. It really gave me feedback and reason to why they do certain things in the future because I understand there past.I enjoyed how every person that's involved in the circus is some form or way involved in the competition, which created great twist and plot in the story.I loved the description of the scenery and setting that made the circus feel magical and entertaining, it made me want to jump into the story. The magic and illusions were truly breathtaking. 


On the other hand, what I may have disliked about the story was how they spoke and I understand it was late in the 18th century but I suppose since I'm not use to the language it took me some time to understand what the person was saying and what the person was describing or doing. But it wasn't a big burden on my shoulder because going through a couple chapters I eventually got use to the language and I became comfortable with it. Another issue was throughout each chapter there were a different character and different setting,  it would switch back and forth between the numerous characters that were in the story and I understand why Erin M. would do that because all the characters are connected in some way but it did give me trouble trying to stay focus and make sure I know who is the person talking and where they are and what day it was.


Overall I did enjoy the story I couldn't put it down towards the end it really had me sucked in like no other book. I recommend to new adult and adults because the language is a little different to caught onto and the story line will be easier to understand if you are a little older. But I  highly recommend this wonderful book!


Thank You for reading!