Prentisstown isn't like the other towns. Everyone can hear everyone's thoughts in an overwhelming,  never ending stream of Noise. But in a town where privacy is impossible,  there is a secret so awful that Todd, still a month shy of being a man, must run for his life. But how do you escape when your pursuers can hear your every thought?


4.5 stars ☆☆☆☆

Young Adult/Dystopian 


Let me first say this book took my emotions on a roller coaster of a journey. Todd lives in a world were his thoughts can always be heard and he can hear others "Noise" as well from men in the town. Now i wont give any spoilers but there is never any silence in his world beside this one mystery in the forest and in Todd world all the women are dead.

What attracted me to this stories was how curious I was to see how there is constant Noise and thoughts and how you can't shut it off and it was cool to see how Patrick Ness wrote that into the book by doing different fonts and style to different Men's Noise as Todd listens to them. There's one point in the book where there is so many Noise all around Todd and the pages become messes of writing and fonts for about 5 pages and it really makes the writing come to life and creates such emotion and feeling to each Noise.


Without a doubt this book is very emotional,  it makes you question human beings and how can some be so cruel and why some do what they do? How others can grow and learn, makes you think what you value and what others value. This book constantly made me think what would I do? Would I have done the same or gone with something else? I didn't agree to some choices Todd did which got me becoming upset but then I think there is a reason, a valid reason why he has to do the things he does. 

What I enjoyed from this book was that there was non stop action, there was constantly something happening and made you think..Is it ever gunna get better? haha but then it does gets better, then you get your hopes up and something drastically happens again and it was non stop cycle for me. 

This book definitely finished with a BIG cliff hanger and made me feeling uneasy. It was the type of book I wanted to throw at the wall after I finished. It made me want to find Patrick Ness and ask him WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TORTURE ME LIKE THIS?! Haha

But overall this book kept me hooked since page one I couldn't get enough and with that cliff hanger it made me itching to get the sequel.

It's a Must Read!!!


Thank you for Reading♡