Goodreads Summary: 

"Three armies march on New Prentisstown, each one intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle, with no chance of escape. As the battles commence, how can they hope to stop the fighting? How can there ever be peace when they're so hopelessly outnumbered?"


5 stars(10 if possible)

Young Adult/Dystopian



After completely devouring the first two books I knew once I get this last precious book I wouldn't want to let it go. So let me just say the brilliant Patrick Ness has created a master piece and I bow down to him because I loved this book and the series this review will never do it justice.

So the usual the story picks up EXCATLY where it left off in The Ask and The Answer book two in the Chaos Walking trilogy which is always pleasant for the reader so it was easy for me to dive right into the war and action.


Mayor Prentiss & Mistress Coyle

In this last book you really get to see President(Mayor) Prentiss character in difference ways. YES! he is evil and will always be evil to us readers without a doubt but at one point of the book you can really see a side of the Mayor that makes you question "can things really change for them?" such as how he shows so much compassion and love for Todd and how badly he wants him as a son and him by his side. Even though you always have that gut feeling that the Mayor is up to something, certain times I'd caught myself wanting to see that change in him.

When I think of Mayor Prentiss I think of Mistress Coyle and how they are oddly alike. In this book its shows how they were both after power and fame and winning over the people in New Prentisstown that there own personal goals were causing people to die. For me I disliked Mistress Coyle more than the Mayor because all she wanted was to destroy the Mayor and be the hero that stops the war and saves the town. She was never thinking logically and It frustrated me. At least with the Mayor he had a planned and tried not to kill everyone in the process even if he wanted the same glory and success as Mistress Coyle. I feel that they were so much alike that they just needed to date each other to have some type of love in there life honestly hahaha. I loved the moments when they would go back and forth arguing and bickering they sounded like a married couple. Even in the end when peace was about to finally happen Mistress Coyle killed herself you can tell how selfish she was because if she did not have the power then nobody can, putting her own people life in danger. The same goes with the Mayor he was so close to peace and a New World for all the people in the town and the new people arriving, he got so strung up on power and with Todd that he feels he has to destroy them all because he can't control them, because he can't get what he wants.


The Return(1017)

I found that putting in the Spackle view in the book was very interesting, at first I wasn't ok with it because their language is so different and it took a few tries to get the hang of who they are referring to and how they are describing a certain situation but I got the hang of it once it started connecting. I did not feel any sympathy for 1017 Im not sure why, maybe it was because he was so fixated on killing, and fighting that he wouldn't take in consideration that Todd and everyone else wanted peace and the war to end. And at the end!!!!! 1017 shooting Todd I nearly threw my book across the room! I wish there was a fourth book because Im interested in how 1017 becomes a better leader in being the new Sky. The Spackle point of view was very great to see even though it got some getting use to, I see how both sides wanted the same things in the time of need.


Viola & Todd

 They seem to be separated a good majority of the book which was good because you got to see and experience the hilltop situations and the towns situation. What bothered me a little bit was how depended Viola and Todd were of each other, I understand they are in love and they want to be together and make sure they are both safe but I feel like Viola would be so depend on Todd to save the world that she doesn't want to take any responsibility or make any decision during the fights and that bothered me just a little bit. But they seem to need each other for strength and hope which I liked because it showed that you can't fight a battle on your own it takes groups of people who have the right intentions.

In my opinion Viola didn't really seem to grow as much as Todd did in this story, she didn't want to take charge in some ways she just seem to be there for Todd support. I did like how Viola seen past Mayor Prentiss ways, she knew something was off and I applaud her for that.

Todd seem to grow a lot from the first book to the third and you can really tell from the way he speaks, the compassion and forgiveness he shows, and how every move he makes he puts others safety over his. I love Todd character with a passion, he is a real fighter. Todd did get "off his game" while he was with the Mayor but I still feel like he grew because he got to see the bigger picture of what men and women are capable of doing in order to destroy others, "War make monsters on menas he would say and he was very right. Todd had every possibility to get lost in the war,to kill, to revenge but he always had his mind set on peace. And I think it was possible to do that with the help of Viola because he wanted a safe place for her which makes my tummy do all kinds of butterflies. 


At the end when Todd is shot and you hear and feel the emotion of Ben and feel and hear the emotion of Viola it feels like too much to handle and its making me want to cry just thinking of it. They came from such a long journey and they became leaders and created peace and you feel this proudness for them for defeating battle after battle.

Having Todd be in that coma type sleep at the end you know he is going to survive it's just the question of how will the New World be once Viola and Todd come back to the town?.... 


We will never know! *sobs*


Overall, AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING book! Even though I most desperately want more of this world. It ended well enough for me to have my own imagination to what's to happen to New Prentisstown and the Spackle.


I hope you all enjoyed the book as much as me. Now I am to be left alone cleaning the wounds this book gave me.


Thanks for reading!